Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The Level Eater is Seeking You

ATTN all fantasy role playing gamers and artists who roll the dice.

The Co-Prosperity Sphere & PENTAGON gallery (Project space) are joining forces this October 22nd to the 24th for a Dungeon & Dragons themed event called The Level Eater. We are looking for Dungeon Masters and Artists to submit entries for this weekend exhibition. We are asking 5 to 6 Dungeon Masters to submit an adventure that will span two to three whole days. The adventures will be paired with artists that will create an installation for the game to be played in.

The adventure must be submitted by September 2nd to officials from the Co-Prosperity Sphere ( and PENTAGON gallery
( The purpose of The Level Eater is for artist and Dungeon Master to intertwine ideas and create a consistent world for the players.

Artists interested in creating installation "pods" for the show must submit a portfolio by September 2nd and will be partnered with a Dungeon Master. The Artist's goal is to provide a space for the game to take place. The Artist has the liberty to make any environment for the game. The space must be large enough for 7 people to sit in, must be designed both inside & out.

Once all the DM's and Artists are selected, information will be exchanged so both parties can work together.

DM's and Artist may choose and bring their own players for the game but must provide a list and information on those players. We have the right to pick and choose players or add others to the game.

This event will take three days and we suggest for the participants to provide their own provisions. We will have some Mountain Dew and other snacks in addition to your treats.

This event is to provide a connection between the world of Dungeon & Dragons and the contemporary arts. The game play will be the focus of the event and the artist's role is to elaborate and expand on the ideas of the fantasy world. Dungeon Masters will have artistic impute and have the opportunity to work with artists with in a partnership. The purpose of the event is to focus on the game aspects themselves and enhance it with atmosphere and endurance.

Serious info:

Guidelines & Dates for Exhibition

In regards to Dungeon Masters
− Submission date for Adventure is September 2nd 2010
− Game Length minimum of 24 hours of play
− Adventure must accommodate 6 players for the duration of three days
− Only 5 to 6 Dungeon Masters will be chosen for this event
− DM's have the liberty to create a game based around any character level
− This event is open to any addition from the Original to 4.0
− Only Original adventures must be submitted.
− Decisions will be made by September 8th
− The event will begin October 22, 2010 at 6:00p and will continue till October 24th 11:59p.
− Character Creation will take place on September 11th, 2010 (Location to be announced). Characters will be “rolled” with both PENTAGON and C PS employees present. Levels determined by the Dungeon Master's Design.

In regards to Artists
− Submission date for “Pod" environment designs must be in by September 2nd, 2010
− Decisions for Pod designs will be made September 8th.
− Pods must be at least 10x10x10 ft. Larger sizes must be approved by gallery staff.
− Artists must collaborate with Dungeon Masters in constructing Pods
− The pods themselves must house 6 players and one dungeon master
− The pods must be structurally sound and offer the best playing environment for the game.

Any questions? Please email both Co-Prosperity Sphere ( and PENTAGON gallery