Sunday, March 7, 2010

Music from Big Pink

Sara Condo
Kate Ruggeri

Chicago, March 20, 2010 -- Pentagon presents Sara Condo and Kate Ruggeri
in “Music from Big Pink.” Showing photographs, paintings, and sculptures, Condo
and Ruggeri explore ways of discussing the romanticizing of personal
experience. Interested in the pathetic, the mundane, and the beautiful, Ruggeri's
sculptures and paintings immerse the viewer in a world of uncomfortable
familiarity. Condo's photographs work with both found and staged imagery, that
are vivid in light, color, and imagination. Using both sincerity and humor, the
artists create celebratory emotive works while allowing the viewer to explore their
own experience.

Opening Reception on Saturday March 20th, 2010 from 7pm – 11pm at
PENTAGON gallery, 961 West 19th street Chicago, il 60608. Gallery Hours email for appointment only.

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